Thursday, August 16, 2018

Pay-Per-Click advertising for Hospitality Wholesalers on Travel Aggregators.

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In a nutshell

It is clear that Travel consumers have become much more price-savvy over the last few years. The proliferation of Travel aggregator websites like and is evidence of this. Xpodyt has developed a service model which allows for automatically controlling favourable and profit-maximised price positioning on these distribution channels based on real-time demand. The delivery and control of the service model is that of modern online PPC-advertising.

How can we offer PPC-advertising on websites we do not control?

The technology is complex but the answer is simple: by micro-controlling your prices (and therefore the positioning) on the Travel Aggregators (TAs). We start by measuring real-time demand of travel products on the TAs using your existing OTA search log for that channel, analyse the competitiveness of your prices on the dates which exhibit the highest-demand and then change your prices so that your products appear favourably (by your definition) in the results going forward. We compare the advertisement impressions on these TAs to your OTA search log (post price-change). We then measure the clicks originating from the TAs to your landing pages using standard tracking (analytics) and compare them to the relevant price changes made. Dividing the relevant clicks with the relevant impressions, we calculate the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) for the campaign. With these numbers we can also arrive at a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) cost structure.

Why would it be favourable for you?

There are several reasons, but the most important of them is that in PPC-advertising relevance is extremely important (and where the most time is spent in optimization). Higher relevance leads to a higher CTR and ultimately higher conversion. As we’ll be presenting these Ads in their exact relevance (after a customer has searched on a city and date range), it follows that the CTR would be higher than that of traditional PPC-campaigns. Other reasons include the ability to budget (daily or monthly), ability to brand-build, ease of maintenance and exact ROI-measures to name a few.

Who is doing it?

From our research it seems that no other company offers this service model. We now understand that being able to compare and make pricing decisions automatically (and realistically) you must take into account true like-for-like price comparisons. Xpodyt has developed the technology and research to accurately segment (to machine-readable quality) the Hospitality Industry on room types, occupancy, board types and price conditions. This has been a major failure of Price Comparison companies in the past and we believe our ground-breaking technology will lead the way in making sure you get much more bang for your advertising buck.

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